mercredi 22 avril 2015

Quoi de neuf? / What's new?

Bonsoir! Revenir après une longue absence n'est jamais facile mais comme ça fait du bien! Alors, quoi de neuf? Pour commencer une petite page avec une anecdote sur ma fille qui me fait toujours rire. Attention, mes enfants se mettent à prendre des photos, en voici une!

Hello! To be back after a long silence is never easy but boy, does that feel good! So, what's new? For starters, a layout with a funny story about my daughter. One day she told me she won't be having babies. I asked why? And she answered that clients in her restaurant would have to wait too long if she was to take care of the babies. And then she thought a second and found a way around the problem. "I know Mommy, since I'm gonna be married to J, he's gonna take care of them. Or you!" Isn't it a clever business plan? And watch out, my kiddos start taking pictures. There's one on that page!

Sinon, j'ai rejoins officiellement l'équipe de Scrapdeco de kits créatifs et je continue à m'amuser avec les kits carterie concoctés par Geneviève. ICI vous trouverez les cartes déjà parues du kit Mars/Avril. A bientôt!

On the other hand, I officially joined the Scrapdeco creative team and continue to play with beautiful card kits created by Geneviève. HERE is where you can see cards made with the recent March/April kit. See you soon!