mardi 11 août 2015

Comment tu lis "sale"? / How do you read "sale"?

 Bonsoir, l'histoire aime se répéter. C'est plus ou moins le propos de la page ci-après, le dialogue que j'ai eu avec notre n°1 il y a deux ans environ. Maintenant c'est au n°2 de poser la même question. Et moi toute heureuse d'en faire une page!

Hello, history likes to repeat itself. That's more or less the story of the page I share with you today. I had this same dialogue with our n°1 about two years ago and now I'm having this same conversation with our n°2 who's seeing ads all around saying "SALE". She's learning to read right now and if you know French a little you know that this word, read in the French manner means "dirty". So I answer my dd the same exact thing as I answered my son, that it takes less space and ink to print this word in English rather than in French (in which case it would read "SOLDES"). And I add in my head that people taking that decision do not think a second about kids learning to read and to whom this might be just a little bit confusing... Still, I'm happy to make a layout about it!
Evidemment, il fallait que quelques étiquettes d'habits se trouvent sur cette page!

Obviously, some clothing tags had to appear on this layout!

Thank you!

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alexandra s.m. a dit…

Il n'y a que toi pour penser à faire une page sur cette anecdote et j'adore!
Un grand bravo à toi chère Agata