mardi 13 septembre 2011

Catching memories

Hi there dear friends! After my last spread that demanded lots of work, I was eager to make something much simpler. And I had a very simple memory to record. My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old. And that means some special times for us. The title of the layout tells it all, btw. In one breath she can affirm one thing and its contrary. We hear those things all day long and sometimes even at night. And this can really be exhausting! I used some old papers that I treasure but thought that I can as well treasure them on a layout, right? The same goes for that very old rub-on.

And here's one about my son and his first day of school! He sure is ready and copes with the whole thing marvelously. As for me, I was quite anxious and afraid that he would have problems with other kids or teachers. But well, so far so good!
This row of houses stamp by myStamp Box was just perfect for this theme! I stamped it continuously to create a longer border.

Both layouts are very simple but what's the most important is that they record some precious memories. And since time flies so fast, it's truly important to catch them as fast as possible!

And speaking of myStamp Box, I have the pleasure to announce that I'm staying on the DT for the next term! If you want to know who else will be there, please visit myStamp Box blog.

Thanks for visiting and see you soon with another memory!

5 commentaires:

Isha Gupta a dit…

Gorgeous pages Agata...brought me back to the feeling of seeing them in person and touching.
Hey!!!Huge Congrats. I am so so happy for you from the bottom of my heart.

alexandra s.m. a dit…

Superbes ces pages! et tu as bien raison de scrapper ces moments de la vie de tous les jours car ils seront oh que trop vite passés!!


cappuccino and colour a dit…

love the stampbox neighbourhood stamp. very cool pages.

Els a dit…

Love your layouts, Agata!! Congrats on your myStampBOX DT spot!

Monique Liedtke a dit…

Thanks Agata!!! I'm so happy! I heard about the call on the message board of my Scrapbook Nook where I hang out.... next year I'll tell you though :)!!

Btw, I love your projects (as always!)