mercredi 31 août 2011

Sky is the limit

Hello! Are you always ready? Well, I'm not! But this time I had THE gift for a friend of mine, for her birthday. I have had this idea for a long time - a heat gun!!! :) But when it came to packing it, I realized I was short of some beautiful packaging paper. So I've went for some stamping on kraft. I have a huge roll of this basic packaging paper and I guess I don't use it enough. But here I was very glad to have it! Because white heat embossing looks just so good on it! Even more with that fun sentiment from myStamp Box! And those flowers, aren't they beautiful?

I've added also some simple stamping for a discret pattern and a flower made from an old zipper to jazz it up a bit.

I think I won't invest anymore in packaging paper but will stick to that sudden inspiration of mine. Because as far as kraft is concerned, sky is the limit!

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3 commentaires:

alexandra s.m. a dit…

super mimi...j'espère que tu vas mieux.
Je pense à toi!

Plein de BISES

cappuccino and colour a dit…

super cool idea. must give this a try. tfs.

Tiffany a dit…

Wow! That is one brilliant white on the brown! I would have never thought to jazz up a gift package with heat embossing!