mercredi 24 mars 2010

Du nouveau chez Ella / Ella's news

Un nouveau défi a lieu chez Ella, tout sur la télé! Ou presque... Il va durer 7 semaines et on peut gagner un livre éléctronique par semaine! J'ai loupé la première mais je viens de terminer ma page pour le 2e défi. Qui était ("est" encore jusqu'à demain) de faire une page sur son programme télé préféré d'enfance ou celui que nos enfants aiment. J'avais une histoire sous le coude, d'ailleurs, je culpabilisais depuis des mois parce que je voulais absolument faire une page là-dessus! Et voilà, c'est chose faite!

There's a new challenge going on over at Ella's. Everything (or almost) about TV! It will take place for 7 weeks and you can win an e-book every week! I didn't play the first week but I didn't miss the 2nd one! It was (or still "is", till tomorrow) to make a layout about favorite TV show from your childhood or the one your kids watch. I had a story just waiting to be told for months!! I was feeling very guilty about not doing anything about it for so long! Now, I can sleep in peace! Here's in short what the journaling says: In 70's and 80's, Poland was in crisis. There was nothing either in shops or in the TV. Still, there was a 10 minutes long kid program every evening. I remember watching Reksio, Bolek i Lolek and Mis Uszatek. It was all natural to introduce those shows to my son. We started with Reksio (who is a dog) and one day for a change we showed him Mis Uszatek who is a felt teddy bear. When we started showing it to him (1 1/2 yrs ago), he was like mesmerized! When the episode was finished, he'd cry and want more. He just fell in love (and that's the title in French)! Now, he knows all the episodes by heart, he can imitate all the sounds and wordings at the right pace. But nobody orders love, right?

Matériel: papiers Bazzil et OA; alphabets AC, Chatter Box et Toga; tampon Artemio; encre Ranger; machine à coudre

J'ai utilisé le sketch qui était proposé sur le blog par Barb Wong. Voilà pour aujourd'hui. A bientôt!

I used a sketch that was proposed on the blog by Barb Wong. That's it for today! See you soon!

4 commentaires:

Jill a dit…

GREAT page! I love how the photos tell the story and go with your journally so perfectly!

Alice Wertz a dit…

awww... thanks for taking the time to tell us the story behind this layout. i love reading it and i love your layout, too! those photos are precious! =)

Virginia L. a dit…

What a GREAT way to document this TV show! You did the LO so expertly...thanks for sharing the story behind the camera (so to speak)! It's definitely something to remember-special photos! PS: I got your GORGEOUS card today~ I can't believe how beautiful it is in person. Just EXQUISITE ( I don't use that word just on anyone...) Merci! xoxo

alexandra s.m. a dit…

Elle est géniale ta page Agata! et j'ai adoré lire ce long journaling! Ca c'est du scrap du vrai!!