dimanche 14 février 2010

Du retard à rattraper / To catch up... again!

Ma fille a eu son premier anniversaire. Il y a un mois... Puis avant, elle a eu 11 mois... Et me voilà enfin avec ces deux pages qui manqueaint dans son album. Tout d'abord, la page pour ses 11 mois. Aïe! Elle a traîné sur mon bureau pendant très longtemps. Je n'avais pas des grandes histoires à raconter mais elle m'échappait pour une raison ou une autre. Finalement je me suis rabattue sur un sketch de Betty Fleck. On va dire que ce n'est pas la meilleure page dans cet album de ma fille mais voilà, elle est terminée!

My daughter turned one. one month ago... And before that, she was 11 months old... And here I am, finally, with those two layouts that were missing to her 1st year album. Let's start with the 11 months old layout. Tough! It was on my desk for like forever! I didn't have a great story to tell and it was just not coming together. At the end, I used a sketch by Becky Fleck. I'm not entirely satisfied with the result but well, it's done and that's the most important! The journaling is about the fact that my dd is a perfect example of a second child being stimulated by the presence of the first one. Cars will soon have no secrets for her. Already she plays with them making strange noises. She likes to laugh since she's up in the morning. And she invites us to play along with her. She takes her bib and gives us so we put it on her head, and can take it away saying "Coucou!" Or she shows us her tongue and waits till we do the same. She's does really well to communicate with us. We had no problem to understand that she no longer wished to eat baby food. All she wanted was the regular food she saw on our plates as she sits at the table with us anyway!

Matériel: papiers Bazzil et Creative Imaginations; alphabet AC; bouttons Artemio et inconnus; machine à coudre

La page que j'ai faite pour son premier anniversaire a un point en commun avec la précédente: elle aussi suit un sketch de Becky. Mais elle a aussi quelque chose en commun avec une autre page, celle que j'ai faite pour le premier anniversaire de mon fils il y a deux ans. A l'époque je n'avais pas encore d'imprimante couleur et j'écrivais le journaling soit avec les tampons soit à la main. J'aimais bien le journaling de la page de mon fils et je voulais en reprendre l'idée pour ma fille. Voici cette vieille page:

The layout I made for her first birthday has something in common with the previous one: it is also according to one of Becky's sketches. It has also something in common with a layout I made for my son's first birthday two years ago. Back then I didn't have a color printer and I was writing my journalings either with stamps or by hand. I liked the idea of this journaling and I wanted to adapt it for my dd. (It says: 25.5 centimeters more; 7 teeth; 5100 grammes more; some more hair; some syllables like "a-ta"; 12 months of discoveries; 52 weeks of progress; 365 days of happiness. Nothing but happiness; 1 year) Here's this old layout:

Et voilà la version fille:

And here's the girl version:

Matériel: papiers Bazzil et My LYB; alphabets AC et My LYB; transparent et sticker My LYB

On peut dire qu'une imprimante, ça change la vie! ;-) Et sans transition, il y a un blog candy chez Vanessa, allez vite voir!

On can say that a printer changes one's life! ;-) And without any transition, I spread the word about Vanessa's blog candy, go and see for yourself!

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Jill a dit…

These pages are just spectacular and you really have a way with the journaling, too! Once again, it's such a pleasure to stop by your blog!

alexandra s.m. a dit…

Superbes tes pages!
J'adore ce que tu as fait avec la collection de My LYB!